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Debt Settlement – The Positive Side

Debt Settlement – The Positive Side

Bad liability is a problem faced by people all over the world. If these liabilities are not handled in a proper manner, legal charges can be brought against you. Some financial companies will help you to find a solution to these problems through debt settlement. . Debt settlement is the process where you agree to […]

Bad Credit Cards and Their Usefulness

Bad Credit Cards and Their Usefulness

If you have poor credit history, then you have no choice but to resort to a Bad credit card. Unfortunately this is a, minefield in terms of financial safety, to get into. Bad credit card companies are notorious for their high and quite often unfair interest rates. They have very low standards when it comes […]

The Different Types of Bankruptcy

The Different Types of Bankruptcy

Debt is an unfortunate facet of life that some people have to face. Sometimes it becomes impossible for a borrower to pay off the debts that are owed. To protect the individual or the company to a certain extent, the government has made available bankruptcy proceeding that they can resort to. This helps them avoid […]

Your credit score

Your three digit credit score will determine how much a lender is willing to loan you and at what rate. The higher the score, the lower the rate a lender will charge you for your car loan, insurance premium, revolving credit such as credit cards and your mortgage. There are three major credit bureaus that […]

Impact of a loan default on your FICO score

If you are considering defaulting on your mortgage, consider the impact of such an action on your FICO score. We looked into the impact of this action on FICO score and here’s what we learned. FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) score is the well-known and widely used credit score in the U.S. FICO score is based […]

What to do if your credit or debit card security has been breached

The Atlanta based Global Payments, a credit and debit card processor recently revealed that up to 1.5 million accounts in North America have been hacked. Master Card issued a statement asking card holders to contact their financial institution if they have any concerns and Visa said their cards are not impacted by the hacking. Here’s […]

Strategies to Secure the Best Real Estate Deal

Purchasing real estate can be an intimidating process, but with the right strategies and approach, you can secure the best possible deal. Whether you are buying a property as an investment or a home, effective negotiation is key. Here are some essential tips to help you achieve favorable terms when working on a real estate […]

The Critical Role of Avoiding Negative Reviews: Lessons from Menards, The Good Feet Store, and

In today’s digital landscape, online platforms serve as influential channels where individuals express opinions that shape consumer decisions. Negative reviews pose a significant threat to hard-earned business reputations and can have a profound impact on the bottom line. Negative Reviews Can Tarnish Your Reputation For businesses like Menards Reviews, negative reviews regarding product quality and […]

The Power of Negative Thinking: Reputation Management Lessons from Jostens,, and MyPrepaid

Online reviews in the digital era have indeed been very powerful in influencing consumer perception and the success of businesses. Positive reviews could bring in more customers, but negative reviews will just wreak havoc on the reputation and image of a business. Notice how much has been learned in the case studies of Jostens,, […]

Where to Safely Park Your Cash

Article by Sharon Hayut. In a financial landscape marked by rising interest rates, investors and savers find themselves presented with both challenges and opportunities. As central banks respond to economic conditions by adjusting interest rates, individuals must reassess their strategies for managing cash. This article explores viable options for parking cash in today’s high-interest rate […]

Contrasting Grain Vodka and Potato Vodka: Unraveling the Distinctive Spirits

Diverging paths in the vodka world lead us to two distinct choices: grain vodka and potato vodka, each forging a unique and captivating identity with every sip. At their core, these vodkas differ in their base ingredients and the subsequent distillation processes, shaping their flavors, textures, and overall drinking experiences in contrasting ways. Potato vodka, […]

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South Africa's top court says public protector acted in bad faith

South Africa’s Constitutional Court ruled on Monday that an anti-corruption official who has accused President Cyril Ramaphosa of serious misconduct had acted in bad faith when investigating an apartheid-era bank bailout. The strongly worded ruling could undermine the credibility of Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane as she prepares to go to court against Ramaphosa and Read the original: South... [Read more]

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Former special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony, like his report, promises an ink-blot test for partisans

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What We Think Of Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited’s (TSE:CTC.A) Investment Potential

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