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The Power of Negative Thinking: Reputation Management Lessons from Jostens,, and MyPrepaid

Online reviews in the digital era have indeed been very powerful in influencing consumer perception and the success of businesses. Positive reviews could bring in more customers, but negative reviews will just wreak havoc on the reputation and image of a business. Notice how much has been learned in the case studies of Jostens,, and about the influence of negativity... [Read more]

Where to Safely Park Your Cash

Article by Sharon Hayut. In a financial landscape marked by rising interest rates, investors and savers find themselves presented with both challenges and opportunities. As central banks respond to economic conditions by adjusting interest rates, individuals must reassess their strategies for managing cash. This article explores viable options for parking cash in today’s high-interest rate environment,... [Read more]

Contrasting Grain Vodka and Potato Vodka: Unraveling the Distinctive Spirits

Diverging paths in the vodka world lead us to two distinct choices: grain vodka and potato vodka, each forging a unique and captivating identity with every sip. At their core, these vodkas differ in their base ingredients and the subsequent distillation processes, shaping their flavors, textures, and overall drinking experiences in contrasting ways. Potato vodka, as the name implies, finds its essence... [Read more]

Not Every Employee Is Suited for Remote Work

Experienced employers know that every employee is different because of their differing personalities, mindsets, strengths, and weaknesses. Because of this, there is no “one size fits all” management approach that can utilize every employee to their fullest potential. For this reason, employers should assess how management trends affect their workers in different ways. One prominent management trend... [Read more]

Learning from Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue – “Freedom and Entanglement”

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue is a collection of teachings and words of wisdom for mind-body-spirit cultivation. “Being yourself is the absolute freedom everyone enjoys!” this is a quote from Zhang Xinyue ’s book Create Abundance. This quote is very relevant in many relationships that we witness. Too many people feel a sense of inadequacy and try to be the person they believe their partner... [Read more]

How Jury Selection Research Helps Prevent Bias in Trials

Image of eyeglasses, pen, touchpad and financial documents at workplace with businessmen working on background In the United States, attorneys have the privilege of voir dire, or the ability to question and examine potential jurors for bias before allowing them to sit on a jury. This process is designed to prevent significant biases from unfairly skewing a trial in favor of one side. Over the years,... [Read more]

How You Can Cut Your Business Costs

Article By Wesley Virgin Businesses are in existence to make a profit, and cutting fees and expenses is one way to do this. Instead of spending money wisely to maintain the high quality of your product or service, the secret is to cut unneeded costs. Here are some recommendations for efficient cost-cutting. Reward Employees For Cost-saving Efforts Do not make coming up with cost-cutting ideas your... [Read more]

How to Use SEO Best Practices in your Website Content

Today’s businesses are searching for every possible advantage in order to succeed in this rapidly changing economy. The World Wide Web has made its impact upon the way we all interact and do business and that impact must be monitored for its ever-changing volatile nature. One of the key aspects of doing business on the Internet is Search Engine Optimization. Suddenly, businesses from Los Angeles... [Read more]

How Forgiveness Creates Abundance in your Life

As we all begin a new year, we must start by taking stock of the old. Think about your successes and failures. What can you do differently this year that will produce change? If you’re ready to begin a new journey and create more abundance in your life, then forgiveness is a great place to start. Now as you write your evaluation of the former year, keep in mind anyone you believe has harmed you.... [Read more]

You Deserve to Create Abundance in your Business and Personal Life

Owning a business is a dream for many people but it is also a big responsibility. Your employees turn to you and count on your expertise to keep the business thriving. If you can’t pay your bills, then they most likely won’t be able to pay theirs either. And this is where many small businesses find themselves today. Through no fault of their own, they’re experiencing very tight and uncomfortable... [Read more]

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