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Identity Theft Protection Services You Can’t Live Without

June 28, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

The recent epidemic of computer hacking and security breaches has raised awareness about credit and identity-theft protection services. One company, IdentityHawk, uncovers threats to your identity to help stop fraud before it happens. And now, they are offering a free 30-day trial.

While the market is flooded with countless of identity theft protection services, a few unique features offered by IdentityHawk piqued our interest. The first is its Identity Health Score service, which makes it possible for consumers to measure their risk level of identity theft and pinpoint weak spots. Most services inform consumers of an identity theft or security breach after they’ve become a victim. However, IdentityHawk’s unique service provides a clear picture of where your identity is at risk and how it might be used without your knowledge. What’s more, it identifies suspicious activity across the Internet and alerts you before criminals commit the crime.

In addition to the Identity Health Score service, we were impressed by the free 30-day trial. Just for sampling IdentityHawk, users receive the most complete, 24/7 identity theft protection and credit monitoring software, including three free credit scores, email and text alerts, $1 million identity theft insurance, and access to identity recovery experts. Most importantly, with IdentityHawk, consumers gain peace of mind.

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