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Watch out for Check Fraud

January 16, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

A common check fraud is done by stealing mail from post office boxes or when you leave mail outside in your mailbox. Once mail is stolen, the crooks then look for any personal or business checks they can find. Then they acid wash the writing on the checks, but not the signature part and write the checks to another company. Sometimes they may have their own fake company, so they write the checks to their own company and cash it. By the time the fraud is reported by the check owners, the criminals are well gone.

This type of fraud was more common 10-20 years ago, but now the banks watch out for it more carefully. In addition, banks and check companies have become more sophisticated and built more security into the checks.

It is also recommend to use special pens which cannot be acid washed. In addition, you should check your bank accounts online every few days for any questionable activity.

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