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Fixing Credit After a Divorce

August 29, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Divorce is a traumatic experience. The end of a marriage can lead to emotional turmoil and the loss of family and social support. Compounding these problems can be serious damage to your finances – including your credit score.


Even when a couple’s divorce is finalized, both former spouses may be responsible for joint debts incurred while they were married. This can include things as small as credit card bills and as big as car and mortgage payments. If one party to a divorce fails to pay his or her obligations, it can badly damage credit scores for both former spouses.

In southern California, divorce lawyers in Long Beach Ca may be your best bet to help you avoid credit problems and fix them if they do occur.

An attorney, perhaps even the same lawyer you’ve used as a child custody attorney Long Beach, can help ensure that your former spouse pays their fair share of bills and doesn’t damage your credit score.

In the event that an ex-spouse does not pay the bills as they are legally required to, a family law attorney can step in and negotiate with credit grantors to make sure you don’t lose your car or your home.

Finally, divorce attorneys can make other recommendations including helping you establish credit independently by opening new accounts in your own name and finding co-signers for credit.

If you’re worried about the impact of a divorce on your credit, call a family law attorney Long Beach CA today!
The Law Offices of Riley Khorram are divorce lawyers from Long Beach who practice family law with compassion and understanding.

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